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In today's digital age, the landscape of marketing has evolved drastically. Traditional methods are giving way to more targeted, data-driven approaches, and at the forefront of this evolution are performance marketplaces. These platforms, exemplified by QuinStreet, utilize advanced technologies and data science to match consumers with brands efficiently. This article explores how QuinStreet, a pioneer in this field, is reshaping the digital marketing sphere in India through the expertise of data scientists.    



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 Data Scientist


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Up to INR Rs. 30,000 /- Months

    Empowering Marketplaces with Advanced Technologies:

    QuinStreet operates decentralized online marketplaces within India's largest media networks, serving as a bridge between searchers, comparison-seeking consumers, and brands. Central to this operation are sophisticated segmentation and AI-driven matching technologies. These tools not only enhance consumer experience by providing tailored solutions but also enable brands to precisely target in-market prospects, ensuring optimal performance results. By harnessing the power of data science, QuinStreet maximizes the effectiveness of these marketplaces, driving engagement and conversions.


    Quin Street Recruitment Data Scientist 2024- Apply Now

    Driving Performance Marketing with Data Science:

    Performance marketing, pioneered by QuinStreet, revolves around the direct measurability of digital media. Data scientists play a crucial role in this paradigm, leveraging their expertise in Python, SQL, and statistical analysis. These professionals are adept at extracting actionable insights from vast datasets, employing techniques such as regression, classification, and time series analysis. Moreover, their proficiency in tools like NumPy, SciPy, and Plotly, combined with analytical prowess in Tableau and Excel, enables them to optimize marketing strategies and drive performance. Additionally, familiarity with AWS and AirFlow environments facilitates seamless data processing and analysis, ensuring timely and accurate decision-making.

    Job Description and Responsibilities:

    QuinStreet seeks data scientists with a diverse skill set, including proficiency in Python, SQL, and statistical analysis. The responsibilities of this role entail collaborating with the data engineering team to derive insights and identify opportunities within the data streams. Data scientists are tasked with developing predictive models, conducting A/B testing, and optimizing marketing campaigns based on data-driven insights. This role offers remote flexibility, reflecting QuinStreet's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment where talent can thrive.

    Inclusivity and Equal Opportunity:

    As an equal-opportunity employer, QuinStreet values diversity and prohibits discrimination based on various characteristics, including race, religion, gender identity, and disability. This commitment to inclusivity not only strengthens the company culture but also fosters innovation by embracing diverse perspectives. QuinStreet recognizes the importance of a diverse workforce in driving creativity and problem-solving, ultimately leading to better outcomes for both employees and stakeholders.

    Application Process:

    Your resume will be thoroughly reviewed within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt. If your experience aligns with our company's requirements, we will reach out to you for further discussions. In the absence of feedback, please understand that there may not be suitable vacancies at the moment.

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    Vacancy Details:

    Total vacancies are approx 1000

    Selection Process:

    The selection process will be based on shortlisting the C.V. then Assessment Tests &Interviews (General rounds and technical rounds if necessary) and Documents Verification. For any more information company HR will contact the suitable candidates for further necessary steps.

    Salary Details:

    The minimum salary is INR Rs. 30,000 /- Months and other perks and benefits as per company standards.

    About The Company:

    QuinStreet is an equal-opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy status, sex, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristics protected by law.


    In conclusion, QuinStreet's innovative approach to performance marketing, coupled with the expertise of data scientists, is revolutionizing the digital media landscape in India. By leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven strategies, QuinStreet can deliver tailored solutions that meet the needs of both consumers and brands. As the digital marketing industry continues to evolve, the role of data scientists will become increasingly vital in driving performance and maximizing ROI. With a commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity, QuinStreet is poised to remain at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future of digital marketing in India and beyond.