Spire Lab and IISc Recruitment Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) 2024- Apply Now



Spire Lab and IISc Recruitment Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) 2024

In an era where technological advancements are reshaping the landscape of human interaction, the significance of speech technology cannot be overstated. Recognizing the potential of this field, SPIRE LAB at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize speech technology development, particularly in the realm of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). At the heart of this endeavor lies an exciting opportunity for individuals to contribute to this transformative journey through speech recording collection.



    Indian Institute of   Science(IISc)

    Post Name

    Speech Recording Local Dialect



    Work Mode



     Government Project




    Upto INR Rs. 900 for every 60 minutes

    Name of The Post:

    Speech Recording in Local Dialect

    Job Profile: 

    The position entails the collection of speech recordings in your local dialect, thereby enriching the diversity of language data essential for advancing ASR technology. As a pivotal member of the project, you will play a crucial role in bridging the gap between regional vernaculars and mainstream linguistic resources.

    Skills and Requirements:

    Proficiency in reading and understanding both the local dialect and the standard version of the language is essential.

    A degree in a native language-related course or program is advantageous, although not mandatory.

    Access to an Android smartphone and reliable internet connectivity are prerequisites for the seamless execution of tasks.

    Job Location and Qualification:

    One of the remarkable aspects of this opportunity is its flexibility in terms of location. Whether you reside in bustling urban centers or serene rural landscapes, you can contribute to this initiative from anywhere. Moreover, individuals from diverse educational backgrounds, including undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates, are encouraged to apply. Whether you're a fresher eager to embark on a dynamic career path or an experienced professional seeking to diversify your skill set, this role welcomes candidates from all walks of life. 

    Basic Remuneration:

    Recognizing the invaluable contribution of our collaborators, SPIRE LAB offers a competitive remuneration package. Successful candidates will receive Rs 900 for every 60 minutes of effective duration, calculated on a pro-rata basis. This ensures that your efforts are duly rewarded, motivating you to strive for excellence in every task undertaken.

    Job Description and Responsibility:

    As a speech recording collector, your primary responsibility revolves around engaging with a diverse set of topics spanning agriculture, finance, and general domains. Upon receiving a set of topics, your task is to immerse yourself in the subject matter, comprehending its nuances and intricacies. Subsequently, you will engage in conversations with individuals from your social circle—be it friends, relatives, or acquaintances—communicating fluently in the local dialect of the chosen language                                         

    Vacancy Details:

    According to the source, the total vacancies are 1000+. Vacancies may be increased in shortly. 

    Application Process:

    Candidates are requested to fill up the Google form with the proper true information. The links to the Google form are given below.

    Application Link – Click Here


    Selection Process:

    To ensure the quality and effectiveness of our data collection efforts, prospective candidates are required to undergo a pilot task. This preliminary evaluation serves as a litmus test, gauging your aptitude and proficiency in fulfilling the responsibilities associated with the role. Only those who demonstrate satisfactory performance during the pilot task will be selected to join our dynamic team, embarking on an enriching journey at the forefront of speech technology innovation.

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    In essence, the opportunity to contribute to SPIRE LAB's speech technology development project transcends the confines of a conventional job. It represents a gateway to innovation, empowerment, and collaboration, where individuals from diverse backgrounds converge to shape the future of human-computer interaction. By harnessing the power of language diversity and technological innovation, we endeavor to create a world where communication knows no bounds. Join us today and become a catalyst for change in the realm of speech technology. Together, let us embark on a journey fuelled by passion, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.